We have a great team

Santiago N. Porta

Co-founder & CEO

Software Architect with an extensive experience developing J2EE applications. Highly demanding of myself about creativity, problem solving and compliance of objectives in each project in which i am involved. When facing difficulties I am a practical person and can easily abstract myself to find best quality solutions. Deft in learning new technologies in an aotodidactic way. In constant search for new opportunities to grow as a professional, an indivudual and also for the growth of the team I work with.
If you automate a disastrous procedure, you get an automated disastrous procedure.

Waldemar Krumrick

Co-Founder & CEO

I have a deep knowledge in logics and mathematics, acquired in FaMAF (Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics ). Subsequently I have applied this knowledge to Systems engineering and programming. From my beginnings in software related systems. I have developed tasks as an analyst, a programmer, a project leader and a consultant. Among the technologies with I have been involved, I can mainly highlight: Java, Flex, PHP, IOS, Javascript, HTML. I also possess extensive experience in a great variety of frameworks as: spring, hibernate, flex-mate, 2D coconuts, swiz, codeigniter, drupal. And in geo-referenced applications: google maps and nominatim technologies. Languages: Spanish native, Self-taught English.
You can explain the behavior of companies in the real world with an analogy: companies are like animals, they compete with each other and the fittest survives.

Hernán Vietto

Business Development Manager & TIC Business Entrepreneur

I have 9 years of experience in technology and Internet from various roles. Programmer, Analyst, Teacher, Graphic Designer, Coordinator, Manager, Entrepreneur, Marketing manager, sales division leader and customer service. I worked in companies with 1 to 200 people and for companies with 1 to 5000 members. I enjoy seeing how teams surpassed themselves, how goals are met, small ideas are turned into reality and how we reward ourselves as teams. Currently I am passionate about this word cloud. E-commerce + Minimalism + Business Models + International Relations + Marketing + Software + Internet + Entrepreneurship + Incubators / Accelerators + Strategy + Performance + Mentoring + StartUp + Drupal + SocialMedia.
Collaborate with developers, designers, speakers, marketers, strategists, managers, executives and entrepreneurs, in their most desired dreams, is my vision. Generate more value in some process of each project, it is my mission.