Mobile App Development for Security Hardware Company

Darwoft helped the security brand introduce new features, giving them a competitive edge in the market. The team managed the project efficiently, communicating responsively and remaining flexible to accommodate needs. Their personalized service set the foundation for a lasting partnership.


The client assigned Darwoft the development of an app oriented to the South American market. They wanted a platform with a simple and clear UX design to add new features easily.


Darwoft joined forces with Seedefend in 2018. At the beginning, our aim was to build iOS and Android versions of a mobile application destined for South American customers’ security systems. Now, we have a more important role supporting development constantly and helping our client find other vendors when necessary.

The application has several features that give users the possibility to administrate their system globally. Streaming audio and video content, installing new cameras, checking zoom settings and sensors, managing memory cards, and sending messages are just some of its multiple functions.

Results & Feedback

"Overall, it was a positive experience. Before working with Darwoft, we were a bit restrained in terms of our capabilities, but with their help, we were able to introduce new features to the market. They made us more independent and helped us achieve our goals. The app offers a wide variety of new functions. For example, the platform will send alerts if any of the cameras stop working. The additional elements give us a competitive edge in the market.

They were very timely. We suggested that we use Slack and Pivotal Tracker to manage the project, and Darwoft adjusted their workflow to accommodate those platforms right away. They were receptive to feedback and really listened to our requests, so we worked very well together. They offer a very personalized service, which is generally hard to find in bigger companies.

They willingly adapted their approach to fit our needs and requirements. I was confident that we’d be happy with the final product because they paid such close attention to our requests. Additionally, I appreciated their level of professionalism." - CEO, Seedefend

“They were receptive to feedback and really listened to our requests, so we worked very well together.”

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