Several Projects for Web & App Development Firm


The team is skilled, dedicated, and committed to producing excellent deliverables for all development projects. They could work on their communication and project management, though this has improved over time, and they are always able to find technical solutions as needed.


The client works for a company which specializes in technology design and development. They have chosen Darwoft to partner for several years, outsourcing some of their development projects.


Darwoft was recommended to the client by a freelance developer we used to work with. After having finished small projects successfully, they started investing money in our company for larger tasks.

Our team has worked on web and mobile application development. The members of the team rotate depending on the project and its needs. For example, a WordPress project may involve two developers. Various projects have used Drupal, WordPress, and PHP.

Results & Feedback


"Their engineers (Darwoft's) are very well versed in several technologies, which has helped us a lot in our projects. They’re great at adapting to different projects and are very flexible. Their commitment is important to us—they’ve never let us down during any of the projects; they’ve done everything to make them work.

It’s improved over time. When we started, it was a little informal, but we’ve since started using project management tools. Though they weren’t very organized at the beginning of our collaboration, we’re now very comfortable.

Often with technology projects, plans are made but end up getting changed. That causes troubles with resources and budgets. However, Darwoft has always been able to adapt and help us find solutions. We solve problems together, which I find really valuable.

They could still improve on their project management and communications skills." - CEO, Gtbitz

“Their engineers are very well versed in several technologies.”

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