Drupal Development for Home Services Platform

Darwoft’s work contributes to a more professional brand image. The cohesion of their team ensures in-depth problem solving and a high quality of work, while direct communication with the developers streamlines the process.


They run a large consumer-facing website that generates leads for business and straddles a B2B/B2C role. The niches they fill include home services and content publication.


Since September, 2016, Gtbitz has handed some development projects over to Darwoft.

Why us? They were impressed by our first presentation and hired one of our developers on a trial basis. Though he had to enhance his skills, he learned quickly and gave a lot of benefits to the client, gaining their confidence. From that moment on, our team has been responsible of redesigning and updating their website, and maintaining its functionalities. Software and backend development concerns custom modules in JavaScript, PHP, and CSS3 for Drupal platforms the client uses. Recently, they have moved their backend server from Rackspace to Pantheon.

Results & Feedback

"They (Darwoft) help us with major redesign, and we’re still in the process of restructuring our backend server system. The work they’ve done already makes us look more professional, and we like the arrangement we have with them. If we discover a particularly challenging issue, they will call upon other members of their team and ultimately come up with solutions. We’re very pleased with the quality of their work.

Trello was the most convenient project management tool for us, and communication is good. I work directly with the developer, which is easier than working through a project manager. The only occasional drawback occurs while they are focused on solving problems and creating new functionality. Though there are occasional gaps in their responsiveness, I find this arrangement much more practical than talking through a middleman.

The biggest key strength is their commitment and willingness to work hard to meet our goals. They work late into the night or early in the morning to solve any critical issues. Even though they’re working on contract, they are as involved as any member of our internal team and put forth every effort to get good end results. They’re very good, and I don’t have anything I think they should change." - CEO, Hometown Local

"They are as involved as any member of our internal team and put forth every effort to get good end results."

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