Web Portal Development for Beer Company

Darwoft delivered a stellar platform that has received excellent user feedback. User surveys indicate that the new solution saves suppliers time and resources. Seamlessly adhering to internal agile methodologies, the team exhibited an attractive corporate culture of diligence and flexibility.


The client wanted a web portal to give access to suppliers to their internal apps. In this way, they could centralize their management systems so that their suppliers could organize their objectives and to-dos more efficiently.


In 2017, Darwoft was referred to the beer company by their marketing team because we share similar values and our prices are competitive. A team of four people used Angular to build the portal and helped the client understand how this tool works. The group included a technical leader, a functional leader and two developers.

Results & Feedback

"Darwoft delivered a sophisticated platform that had a great impact on our work. User surveys indicated that our communications improved by 10%, thanks to this new solution. We’ve also received feedback about how the portal saves our users a lot of time. They adhered to an agile methodology and worked in development sprints. We saw very good results with the structures we had in place. The communication between our tech team and management was seamless, so we had a very positive experience on this front. While some of our partners have trouble adopting our agile methods, Darwoft experienced no issues here. Their culture resonated with us, since we have a similar internal work ethic of diligence and flexibility. Finally, they’re great at solving problems." - IT Security & Compliance Manager, Quilmes.

"They’re great at solving problems."

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