App Development for Ballistics Software Company

The client did not want to hire a freelance developer but a software company which could adapt to their needs. Darwoft was referred to the client and its proposal met expectations regarding budget, scope, and deliverables. 


The client wanted a mobile application for the company’s existing platform.


Darwoft provided a client a team of four people responsible for developing a mobile app for Android and iOS. The project started in March and finished in October 2020.

Results & Feedback

“We were very satisfied with their work. They were very professional and attentive to our needs, in addition to being flexible. Things got complicated because of the pandemic, and they were able to adapt completely to every setback we encountered. They made the project work.
We used a project management tool at the beginning. It worked well, but we were in contact daily so, in the end, we decided to keep up the dynamic of daily personal contact and do the scheduling ourselves. The project ended up lasting longer than we expected but they were able to adapt very well to any unexpected changes that came up.” - CEO, Ballistics Software Company

"They were very professional and attentive to our needs, in addition to being flexible."

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